• Play safe, play responsible and play respectable.
  • Eye protections must be worn at ALL time by shooter and all surrounding personnel when operating an Airsoft gun.
  • Brandishing and Airsoft gun in public is illegal. Airsoft guns should never be taken out to the public or school.
  • Proper safety training, education and parenting is required prior to lending your Airsoft product to a minor.
  • Domestic Ground orders are shipped within 1~2 business days (not including weekends and holidays.)
  • International orders take 1-3 business days to ship due to extra compliance requirements.
  • If your package arrived damaged, please inspect and keep all contents and contact our support team immediately. We will assist you in completing a damage claim with the carrier.
  • Damaged upon arrival: If your package arrived damaged, one of our customer service representatives will assist you in filing a claim with the carrier. Please inspect all contents and keep original box and packaging material. Please note that this process may take up to 10 business days depending on the carrier.

Warranty Policies

Our warranty covers replacement or repair of defective / damaged products only, as determined by shrikeairsoft.com technicians or RMA representatives. Other returns or exchanges are subject to restocking or shipping fees.

Warranty on internal upgrade / replacement parts is void when item(s) are installed. shrikeairsoft.com will not be responsible for compatibility between various manufacturers. Many Airsoft parts require modification to fit and is part of the hobby.

Warranty voids when the product is abused, altered, skirmished, disassembled in any way, not in original packaging, showing any alteration or, or is past the 30 day warranty period.

All Airsoft guns sold at shrikeairsoft.com requires the use of high grade Airsoft BBs. Use of any lower grade or lower weight BBs will cause extensive damage to your gun and void your warranty immediately shrikeairsoft.com recommends Shrike and equivalent brand BBs 0.2g or higher as an inexpensive and high grade solution. We carry only the highest quality bb at the best pricing to help you help us help you.

Batteries and chargers that are packaged with electric rifles are considered for testing purposes only and not covered under warranty. shrikeairsoft.com recommends the use of high quality batteries and smart chargers only.

Low-end plastic Chinese Airsoft guns under $60and batteries are not covered under warranty.

Some manufacturers offer an extended warranty on their products. You can either contact them directly or we can help direct you.

All right reserved. Warranty policies are subject to change without notice.

Please start the warranty claim by contacting us.

Please do not return anything until you have been issued a RMA #. Otherwise, the package may be refused or lost without prompt paperwork.

All return packages will be inspected by authorized, industry leading technicians who will make the final decisions on the warranty claim.


Non-Warranty / Repair / Upgrades Services

The labor rate for our technician is $25 per hour if you need assistance with any non-warranty repairs, upgrade service. technicians are in house and very experienced individuals.

Want to learn more about your Airsoft gun and troubleshoot better yourself? Check out one of our tech days